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This logo has become renowned all over the world recently. Since 1984, when the company was established, Watson Pharmaceuticals has achieved breath-taking success, arising from a small drug development enterprise to a leading manufacturer of generic and branded medications with revenue that reached $1 billion in 2002. By 2007, its revenue doubled, which was a new significant demonstration of the company's onward progress.

With its headquarters situated in Corona, California, US, Watson Pharmaceuticals now owns 18 different plants, distribution centers, and marketing/sales facilities worldwide, having acquired quite a number of smaller drug research and development companies in the United States and abroad.

Watson Pharmaceuticals is now a manufacturer of a wide range of various medications, both generic versions of licenced brands, and its own products.

You will hardly ever have trouble with the quality of Watson products which always meet the highest standards established by the FDA. Perhaps, the only problem you may run across with Watson pills is identifying them.

One has to realize that there can be found no drug called Watson. Instead, there are lots of different pills indexed with "WATSON" letters and a specified number. Each of them can be identified as a separate drug, or its strength variation.

This website is aimed to make the process of identifying and distinguishing pills with "WATSON" index on them as easy as possible. You only have to know the number combination of your Watson pill to find out what sort of medication it is!

The pills' images we have collected will help you complete your investigation, too, leaving no doubt as to the drug variation you have.

More details and pill indexes are coming soon!

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    DAN-indexed Series

    DAN 5513
    DAN 5620

    Active Ingredients / Generic Names

    Dicyclomine HCl

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